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Corporate Narrative Development

We specialize in helping companies develop their unique narrative – or story – and work with skill development techniques and technology to execute this throughout organizations. Our goal is that everyone in a company should speak with one voice and be part of a movement. From coaching to technology, we train everything from people to chatbots to effectively sell your company’s story.


Pitch Autopsy

We specialize in evaluating both a company’s pitch and sales decks, as well as their presentation team. Our expert analysis helps identify areas for improvement and ensures your message is delivered effectively. We have a proven process for creating stories that can be easily messaged and merchandised throughout an organization – so everyone can tell the same story.


Product Concept, Development, and Launch

We offer comprehensive support in the entire process, from ideation to value generation. Working closely with your teams, we guide you through product concept development, ensuring a successful launch in the market. Often, product innovation begins with determining problem-market fit and understanding how to craft this story. Effective understanding of the problem allows design teams to create innovative and novel solutions.

Working with Dan McCoy Consulting has been a game-changer for our organization. Their strategic planning expertise and focus on execution has transformed how we operate.

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